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So, what exactly is a Traditional project?

It’s your typical agency project. An assignment is given – a website design, PowerPoint template, presentation design overhaul, print piece, anything really – and you’ll receive pay for your services, whether it’s hourly or fixed.

The best part? You get to work with our creative directors to make sure you’re hearing and incorporating feedback from the client.


So, what exactly is a Challenge project?

It’s a chance to participate in a competition against other designers, during which you create the next big marketing idea – a logo, website, PowerPoint template, vector drawing, etc. – and get paid for your efforts regardless of whether or not we choose your design.

Every participant receives an participation rate, which varies depending on the project, and the winner gets an even bigger prize. We think it’s a pretty sweet deal.

We feel we’re unique in that you’ll always get rewarded for turning in your efforts. Our philosophy is that if you’re taking the time to show us what you’re capable of, then you should have something to show for it.

Here at Infinitely Big, we stress the importance of teamwork. Another benefit of the competition is the Double Down Award: If we like a piece of your efforts but think it would work better with another participant’s design, we’ll pay you on the spot for that piece – double the participation rate. The best part? You can still continue to submit designs in an effort to be chosen the winner.

If you’re interested in making as much money as possible, select both!


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